Summer College Session Helps Minority Students

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Summer College Session Helps Minority Students


Upward Bound at Occidental College


This article is about Upward Bound program at Occidental. Both Oxy students and the Eagle Rock community do not support this program, and many Upward Bound face hostility while enrolled.


Author of this article asked to remain anonymous


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"As indicated by past incidents some Occidental students have questioned the competence and intelligence of past Upward Bound graduates who attend college here. To help prevent such occurrences the Occidental honors the request of this article's author to remain anonymous."

"The program is geared to minority students. The highest percentage of students enrolled are black followed by Mexican-Americans. White and Orientals are an extremely small minority."

"Upward Bound is not an idealistic program in terms of this campus , Upward Bound students are faced with varying reactions from the Eagle Rock community. A definite anti-Upward Bound air can be detected in the heavily white populated neighborhood. This is best exemplified by the incident during the 1968 summer session when several anti- Upward Bound people came on campus and harassed and threatened black Upward Bound students. The Los Angeles Police Department was notified and they did not bring one squad car. But when the police were notified to assist with the removal of one black upper bound student 4 squad cars came to campus to aid the Occidental's own police force. The article literally says “Hamm.” The Eagle Rock Community is the main reason Upward Bound students are not allowed on campus The Occidental students have stereotyped the Upward Bound student as an incompetent and not worth the time and effort put into the program. Outcries of "why should Occidental put out funds for people who don't have the ability to even be admitted to college” are heard but what the Occidental Student doesn't know is that they do have the ability and they can learn if they are given a proper chance. They don't realize that the upper bound student receives a public education in the largest school system, which can't take the time to care about their students as a private school."


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Author of this article asked to remain anonymous , “Summer College Session Helps Minority Students,” History of Equity and Diversity at Occidental, accessed December 2, 2021,