"Slaughter: Bigotry Not Behind Us" - October 7, 1988, page 3, The Occidental Weekly



"Slaughter: Bigotry Not Behind Us" - October 7, 1988, page 3, The Occidental Weekly


On October 8th, 1988, the Los Angeles Times published an Op-Ed piece by newly appointed President Slaughter. The Occidental Weekly reprinted President Slaughter's article. In the piece, President Slaughter illuminates the rising issue of diversity in the national discourse, and the necessary role of education in this diversity reformation. Slaughter's op-ed piece is profound. While it also follows Slaughter's inauguration as first African-American Occidental President, the article itself expresses a distinct message on multiculturalism and diversity in higher education. Slaughter states very explicitly that diversity is not a secondary issue in education, but absolutely cardinal to excellence in higher education. This articulation of diversity as a central issue represents a tangible shift from previous discourse, and ultimately marks Slaughter's presidency.


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President John Slaughter's tenure at Occidental College represents a significant point in the history of diversity at Occidental College. He was the first president of color, as well as African-American president of the school. This text reveals a marker of his presidency and its commitment to diversity. In this text, he explicitly affirms that diversity is a critical issue for institutions of higher learning. This statement is revolutionary in many ways, and sets the tone for the latter part of the 80s as students, faculty, and staff alike are preparing for activism and significant change in the climate of diversity through the 90s.

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