Racial Experiments Begin Next Fall

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Racial Experiments Begin Next Fall


Ray Otero an "adjunct instructor" with permission from President Slaughter has decided to make a yearlong racial experiment called Oxykankers. This program basically shows white people what it is like to be discriminated like people of color for a year. The black students are allowed to stay in all of the halls while the white students are only allowed to live in Stearns. The author of this article sounds extremely sarcastic but I don't know why they would put a made up story on the front page of the Oxy Weekly. It sounds like someone who is frustrated at the idea of multiculturalism and so he has fabricated this story to sound as if we POCs are taking over hence when he said "an estimated 12 people per single will fill Stearns to the rafters", or "They will have to fend for themselves tilling the soil of Mount Fiji"(obvious joke about slavery)


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