Faculty Meeting Minutes, July 30, 1990, pages 3-6

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Faculty Meeting Minutes, July 30, 1990, pages 3-6


Faculty discussed the working themes of multicultural commitments and affirmative action. The Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues report was the basis of the discussion. Working definitions of who is a minority student, and even "affirmative action" were discussed. Dean Axeen pointed out that the definition of who is a minority was never established, with Professor Cohen saying that a new committee be formed to deal with this nominal issue. Comments about affirmative action were positive, saying that Oxy, in the realm of faculty hiring, does its best to identify highly qualified candidates of minority background and offer them positions. pg. 5. Having diversity in the curriculum was also seen as crucial. Professor Goldberg was concerned that the Core program's concern with this subject matter is taking away from emphasis on critical writing skills. Professor Studermund disagreed. Professor Littleton saw a problem to continue if there is a separation between European culture and the rest of the cultures in the Core program. Prof. Pastor said that affirmative action and multiculturalism, specifically in the curriculum, need to be separated. Multicultural education is important, but the teaching positions that are created for this purpose need not be filled by minority faculty. pg. 6 The composition of the Board of Trustees was brought up. There was a stated desire to have more gender diversity, but no mention of ethnic/racial diversity.


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The date of this faculty meeting (1990) makes it an interesting bracket of the decade of the 1980's, allowing for an examination of the status of conversations surrounding topics like multiculturalism and affirmative action. The approach to affirmative action is definitely interesting because there seems to be solid support for it from the faculty. I also believe that the discussions that were had during this meeting are intriguing, namely the discussion defining the term minority, shows how faculty at Oxy were approaching these themes and what questions they were asking at this time.


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