Faculty meeting Minutes, January 21, 1987, page 2

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Faculty meeting Minutes, January 21, 1987, page 2


The minutes outline the discussion around The Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues of April 1983, those present discussed the bridge program, one of its recommendations. Progress was made in 1986, when the first faculty meeting announced the College had set aside $50,000 and that the creation of one would be forthcoming this year. Discussion then was set to the MSI program, which was regarded as a potential model for selective liberal arts colleges nationwide. Commitment was solicited of President Gilman to the summer program, 5 years specifically. The issue of curiculum, specifically including science and math components, was raised. Professor Axel Steuer said that the Core program would take care of that, also warning of potential "student burnout". Ralph Amey said that, by not offering these kind of courses, the College are generalizing that minorities are not interested in the math and sciences field, and disliked the remedial courses as the only option for minority students who need extra help. Don Deardorff, a science faculty member, supported these remedial courses.


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