Minority Scholarships: Where Has All the Money Gone?

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Minority Scholarships: Where Has All the Money Gone?


This article addresses the lack of black students enrolled at Occidental and the Minority Fund Scholarship


Addresses Oxy's reputation as a multicultural institution and 2 assumptions held by the campus.
1) "Some people argue against increased non-white enrollment at this school because they say it would mean a lowering of the intellectual quality of the school."
2) "They felt it was not the appropriate use of student body fees, and might start a fad of raising fees for everyone's pet project.


Don Crawford


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"Occidental College is a white, middle-class institution. In Marxist terms, it is an institution which serves to perpetuate the existing class structure. If you do not believe it ask any black or Chicano in the surrounding communities. They will tell you that you have to be white and you have to have a lot of money to go to Occidental. While there are scholarships for the enrollment of Minority students at Occidental, their numbers are apparently not enough to overcome the reputation we have earned over the years."


CTSJ 320 Culture and Community


Don Crawford, “Minority Scholarships: Where Has All the Money Gone?,” History of Equity and Diversity at Occidental, accessed September 25, 2022, https://oxyequitydiversity2014.omeka.net/items/show/10.