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Eugene Grigsby-Interview Transcription

Occidental Alum Class of 1966, Eugene Grigsby, discusses his experiences at Occidental. Currently, Dr.Grigsby is a member of Occidental's Board of Trustees.


Jesús Salvador Treviño -- Full Interview

Jesús Salvador Treviño (Class of 1968) talks about his time at Occidental College in relation to diversity and equity during the late 1960s. In particular he speaks on student organizing, transforming his identity and racial consciousness, and campus…

Full Interview with Professor Martha Matsuoka

Professor Martha Matsuoka is a 1983 Oxy alum. Entering Oxy the same year as President Obama and going to school during the apartheid in South Africa as well as the United States' engagement with Latin America, the 1980s was full of events. Professor…