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Administration and Faculty Timeline of Events

Faculty and Administration Timeline- OUBL Occupation.pdf
This item is a tracked account of the statements, and emails released by faculty and staff before, during, and after the occupation.

"A Letter to Dean Danelski from Wellington Chan," June 17, 1985, Richard C. Gilman President's Files

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This letter outlines a meeting between the Affirmative Action Committee and "several minority faculty members who have only joined the college during the last two years." It states that "[Occidental College's] minority faculty members have been…

Letter from Gregory B. White (Assistant Professor of Mathematics) to President Slaughter, 1990-06-11, John B Slaughter Presidential Files

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White wants to discuss direction of the College in regard to multiculturalism; he reports that some faculty are frustrated that debate in faculty meetings which hasn't resulted in an understanding of the differences between multiculturalism and…

"Students seek diversity through campus awareness"-October 9, 1987, page 11, The Occidental

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The SCCD (Student Committee for Cultural Diversity) is concerned with the lack of black and latino professors on campus and within the administration. There are many "non Western" courses that are taught by white professors and the SCCD feels this is…