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"Multicultural Housing", Student Handbook 1987-1988, page 42.

Describes the three off-campus houses. Says they have been "designed as 'cultural theme houses' and offer students the opportunity to pursue a common interest in Black, Asian or Latino culture."

"Multicultural Living Options" Student Handbook 1984-1985, page 37

The handbook provides a description of the multicultural living options available on campus for students. Students can live in themed off campus houses and in themed areas in Haines.

"Multi-Cultural Center," 1989-1990, page 26, Student Handbook

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"The Multi- Cultural Center provides support and programming space for Asian, Black, International, and Latino students. The Center also reaches out to the larger campus community by providing programs which will enhance our understanding and…

Introduction to the Occidental College Catalog, 1982-1983, pg. 6

"Diversity is key to the Occidental experience. The students represent varied intellectual interests, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, and social and political convictions. This diversity finds its expression not only in…

"Residence Life and Regulations" - 1985-1986, page 41, Student Handbook

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"All four off- campus residence alternatives have been designed as 'cultural theme houses.' These houses offer students the opportunity to pursue a common interest in Black, Asian, or Latino culture."