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Faculty Meeting Minutes, July 12, 1986, pages 6-7

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"Three actions relating to South Africa were taken at the Board Meeting...the Board approved participation in the South African Education Program, beginning in 1987-88, which provides for black students to study in the United States..." This did not…

Strategic Planning Survey, Slaughter presidency, 1990-06-04

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The survey respondent said that "Racism and sexism still common and misunderstood by faculty and students." The respondent remarked positively about Oxy's future, saying that the college is doing right by diversifying students and faculty. This…

Faculty Meeting Minutes, October 15th, 1980, pp. 2, 4, & 5

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The faculty debate a resolution involving the issue of Oxy's holdings in apartheid South Africa. The faculty are divided in this meeting. Some raise timing as an issue. The holdings of the Carnation Company proxy, which manages $750,000 in a special…