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Faculty Meeting Minutes, September 16, 1983, Page 6

President Gilman speaks about the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues. Says he will send a report submitted by the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues "by way of inviting serious consideration of the subject matter of the report." He says that the…

Presidential Files: Progress Report 1, 2

There are a few things delineated in these progress reports by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee: 1) Mission statement is created, found areas of interest for investigation (departments, enrollment, HR, etc.) "retract and retain qualified…

Letter from Gregory B. White (Assistant Professor of Mathematics) to President Slaughter, 1990-06-11, John B Slaughter Presidential Files

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White wants to discuss direction of the College in regard to multiculturalism; he reports that some faculty are frustrated that debate in faculty meetings which hasn't resulted in an understanding of the differences between multiculturalism and…

Strategy Planning Survey, Slaughter Presidential Files, 1990-05-30

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The survey asks about the strength and weaknesses of the college. This respondent said that the college's strength is its focus on multicultural community. In weaknesses, the respondent said that currently there are no mechanisms to permit…

"Pres. Slaughter to be inaugurated" -April 7, 1989, page 1, Oxy Weekly

John Slaughter was inaugurated as Oxy's eleventh president on April 7, 1989 in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The reception was at near Keck Theater where originally was planned to be a closed reception at $100- $125 a plate, however Slaughter…