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"Diversity Being Realized", The Occidental, 1989-09-29 pg.1, pg. 10

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President Slaughter presents his Oxy's "Tomorrow Plan," which is about increasing the number of minority students on campus. He remarked that this plan was made long ago, but the campus is only signing off on it now. Associate Director of Admissions,…

"Minority Recruitment decline reflects priorities"- January 23, 1981, pages 1 and 4, The Occidental

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Minority recruitment is on a decline. Two assistant dean of students, not admissions, are in charge of minority recruitment. Oxy is not going into high schools with large minority populations and minorities have structural barriers prohibiting them…

Faculty Meeting Minutes - January 18, 1984, pp. 3-5

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The faculty resolve to implement the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues. These speak to minority student and faculty recruitment: they resolved that by 1985, each entering class of students will be composed of minority…