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"Student leader unburdens self on issues of equality"-January 22, 1988, page 3, The Occidental

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This is a follow up from the previous week's article that had the responses to the Black Student Alliance's question about how impactful Martin Luther King, Jr. was in their lives. O'Keefe says that King spoke not only for black people, but also for…


Notes on a the MECHA REPORT submitted on May 10,1975:

MECHA Reports: A Report on Discriminatory Practices at Occidental College As Submitted to the Board of Trustees

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A series of reports, as result of investigative action taken by MECHA Faculty Development Committee in behalf of the Chicano student community. Faculty Development Subcommittees asserted charges and recommendations pursuant to their findings and…

Professor Arthe Anthony - Full Interview

Professor Arthe Anthony, formerly the chair of the American Studies Department at Occidental College, speaks about her personal experiences at the college dealing with racism and how she fought back to promote diversity and equity on campus.

"Black student harassed by LAPD" - March 15, 1985, page 1, Oxy Weekly

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A black female student was harassed by a two Los Angeles Police Department officers near Eagle Rock Plaza in the Spring of 1985. Based on the report, the officer got out of his car and asked the student for her I.D. One of the officers accused her…

"Student Assaulted In Pauley: Alleged Racial Slur Generates Violence"- May 4, 1990, page 1, The Occidental

This article depicts an on-campus physical encounter that involved Oxy students. The assault resulted from an alleged racial slur that was directed towards an African-American female student from a Caucasian male student. The African-American student…

Women's Center Charges Kappa with Harrassment

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This article describes an incident on campus where a group of Kappas shouted racist, sexist, and homophobic comments and threats to residents of the Women's Center. The article also expresses a more general concern of sexist, racist, and homophobic…

"Asian Alliance"- Spring 1990, page 152, La Encina

This is an excerpt from Occidental College's La Encina dating back to 1990. The page depicts a picture of the Asian Alliance cultural club and pictures of the demonstration that occurred to protest against Florentine Gardens, the nightclub that…

Elisha Roberts Interview Clip on Student Activism

This is a clip of current student Dani Lyons '14 interviewing former student Elisha Roberts '05 on issues of diversity and equity at Occidental College.