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"Boesak and Tutu Visit Oxy"- Spring 1990, page 48, La Encina

Two pages of the La Encina have been dedicated to Reverend Alan Boesak and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, two leaders in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Alan Boesak spoke in Thorne Hall and Desmond Tutu delivered a speak in the Greek Bowl.…

"Forum anatomizes dorm options"- January 27, 1984, page 1, The Occidental

This article in The Occidental concerns residence hall issues. A representative for the Committee on Racial and Ethnic Affairs, Hedy Chang, brings up the idea to start a Multicultural Annex in order to "break down racial stereotypes" and allow for…

"Graduation Inspires Critical Dialogues at Oxy"- April 27, 2001, page 17, Occidental Weekly

Student reflects on the broader discussion of race, class and power at Oxy that the issue around Mumia has brought up.

"On More Mumia"- April 20, 2001, page 15, Occidental Weekly

An opinion's piece supporting Mumia's as graduation speaker for the class of 2001. The author, believing Mumia's presence on campus would exemplify Oxy's mission statement continues to question the schools commitment to diversity.

"Racial Slurs" - October 6, 1989, page 2, Oxy Weekly

This is a cartoon from the Oxy Weekly on the Opinions page.

"Student Assaulted In Pauley: Alleged Racial Slur Generates Violence"- May 4, 1990, page 1, The Occidental

This article depicts an on-campus physical encounter that involved Oxy students. The assault resulted from an alleged racial slur that was directed towards an African-American female student from a Caucasian male student. The African-American student…

C.O.D.E. Demands Increased Diversity

Oxy Weekly 2013-Oct 9.jpg
This article was one of the first articles about the Coalition at Occidental For Diversity and Equity. C.O.D.E follows in the footsteps of previous organizations on campus with the goal of increasing the campus diversity and ensuring that Occidental…

130 attend 'No on 14' organizing

Oxy Weekly 1964-Oct 2.jpg
130 students attended a student organized meeting about Proposition 14, which would strike down the Rumford Fair Housing Act that was created to combat housing discrimination. The students were joined by a group of faculty members, spearheaded by Dr.…

A lesson in race consciousness: whiteness

This article is from the Oxy Weekly, written by seven Religious Studies students, with a strikethough through the word "white" to connote visual and linguistic resistance.

“Blackness Week” 2007, page 32-33, La Encina Oxy Yearbook

A segment from the 2007 Oxy yearbook La Encina focused on detailing “Blackness Week,” which was a compilation of events organized by students, most specifically Occidental college’s Black Student Alliance (BSA). The two pages contian a number of…