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Presidential Files: Progress Report 1, 2

There are a few things delineated in these progress reports by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee: 1) Mission statement is created, found areas of interest for investigation (departments, enrollment, HR, etc.) "retract and retain qualified…

Strategy Planning Survey, Slaughter Presidential Files, 1990-05-30

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The survey asks about the strength and weaknesses of the college. This respondent said that the college's strength is its focus on multicultural community. In weaknesses, the respondent said that currently there are no mechanisms to permit…

Letter from Andrew Rolle to Vince Peterson in President John B. Slaughter's Files dated December 31, 1990

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This letter is from a recent graduate who calls multiculturalism "overdone" and doesn't believe it will be a good "selling point" for the college. He fails to see diversity as an issue at all, and insists that he doesn't understand why Oxy jumped…

Summary of Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues Report from 1982-83

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The report summarized goals for the institution to address issues that the committee discovered in different areas of the college. It also measured diversity at Occidental in various ways.

Report on Minority Issues: Report of Concerns and Grievances by Concerned Black Students at Occidental College to President Gilman on February 15, 1974

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Relevent Issues and Grievances- submitted by Concerned Black Students at Occidental College. This report outlines issues with policy that black students face on campus. The administration is insensitive to minority students needs, students want a…

Black Students, Black Student Caucus Manifesto, May 15, 1972, Richard C. Gilman President's Files

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The manifesto outlines the mission of BSC-that it will promote the welfare of black people on campus, assist administration in endeavors concerning black students, represent the collective black students, secure and maintain black heritage. The…

Report on “Student College Experiences,” November 5, 1984, Richard C. Gilman President's Files

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This report finds that Occidental College students "have pronounced tendency to make fewer acquaintances with students who are different from them (i.e., from a different country, socio-economic class or race). This may be indicative of an…

“A letter to the director of YBS from President Slaughter,” January 4, 1991, John Brooks Slaughter Presidential Files

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Outlines the president's committment to YBS by providing $1000 scholarships for those involved with YBS and also enrolled at Oxy but also extending counseling services from Financial Aid to those who are thinking of coming to Oxy.

"Faculty Committee: Affirmative Action" - August 29, 1985, Presidential Files

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The file describes the appointment of members to sit on search committees for new full-time faculty, "recommended that students form their own parallel committees [to the AAC] and make own report to faculty committees..." student participation in…

Strategic Planning Survey, Slaughter presidency, 1990-06-04

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The survey respondent said that "Racism and sexism still common and misunderstood by faculty and students." The respondent remarked positively about Oxy's future, saying that the college is doing right by diversifying students and faculty. This…