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Letter from Andrew Rolle to Vince Peterson in President John B. Slaughter's Files dated December 31, 1990

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This letter is from a recent graduate who calls multiculturalism "overdone" and doesn't believe it will be a good "selling point" for the college. He fails to see diversity as an issue at all, and insists that he doesn't understand why Oxy jumped…

“A letter to the director of YBS from President Slaughter,” January 4, 1991, John Brooks Slaughter Presidential Files

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Outlines the president's committment to YBS by providing $1000 scholarships for those involved with YBS and also enrolled at Oxy but also extending counseling services from Financial Aid to those who are thinking of coming to Oxy.

Letter to President John Slaughter from Gregory B White on June 11, 1990

Dr Gregory B White, a professor of Mathematics sent a letter to President John Slaughter describing how the faculty use the words diversity and multiculturalism interchangeably. Diversity is a state of being that describes who we are and what we do.…