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Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)

Professor Arthe Anthony, former chair of Occidental College's American Studies Department, discusses the campus climate through events such as the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee, Slaughter's inauguration, and on campus micro aggressions.

Professor Arthe Anthony - Full Interview

Professor Arthe Anthony, formerly the chair of the American Studies Department at Occidental College, speaks about her personal experiences at the college dealing with racism and how she fought back to promote diversity and equity on campus.

"Student Assaulted In Pauley: Alleged Racial Slur Generates Violence"- May 4, 1990, page 1, The Occidental

This article depicts an on-campus physical encounter that involved Oxy students. The assault resulted from an alleged racial slur that was directed towards an African-American female student from a Caucasian male student. The African-American student…

Women's Center Charges Kappa with Harrassment

Oxy Weekly 1995-Nov 3.jpg
This article describes an incident on campus where a group of Kappas shouted racist, sexist, and homophobic comments and threats to residents of the Women's Center. The article also expresses a more general concern of sexist, racist, and homophobic…

“ATO Members Sue Occidental”

Oxy Weekly 1993-March 12.jpg
After a new sexual harassment complaint was filed against the Alpha Tao Omega fraternity, seven of its members filed a civil lawsuit against Occidental College, President John Slaughter, the board of trustees, and over twenty individuals of the Oxy…

“Hate Graffiti Angers Students”

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According to the article, “swastikas, racial slurs and other offensive graffiti were found on students’ doors, walls and in a stairwell in Haines residence hall”. Two Jewish students found writing on their own door and were saddened by the hatred…

“Council Rejects Racial Harassment Policy”

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Racial tensions and discrimination were high in the Spring of 1990, and students requested that the school create a policy to address racial harassment. Cathy Kramer, the Associate Dean of Students developed a proposal to present to the Central…

“Harassment Hits Oxy Hard” October, 13, 2010, page 4, The Oxy Weekly

An article chronicling two incidents of harassment on campus leveled at student Trisha McGown based on her sexual orientation and the vandalism of a professor’s African flag at their residence. “Faggots burn in hell” was written twice on McGown's…

“Homophobic Incident Upsets Party”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Sep 30-p1.jpg
The article discusses an event where four off-campus men barged into the “Madonnaesque” party hosted by the Bixsexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alliance, shouting homographic remarks and threats toward Oxy students.