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"Students seek diversity through campus awareness"-October 9, 1987, page 11, The Occidental

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The SCCD (Student Committee for Cultural Diversity) is concerned with the lack of black and latino professors on campus and within the administration. There are many "non Western" courses that are taught by white professors and the SCCD feels this is…

"Financial blows dealt to aid recipients"-September 17, 1982, pages 1 & 7, The Occidental

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Article discusses increases in room and board and decreases in financial aid. Mr. Montaya says that he feels that minority students will be disproportionately affected. He says the incoming freshman class has less diversity this year, he believes…

"Student leader unburdens self on issues of equality"-January 22, 1988, page 3, The Occidental

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This is a follow up from the previous week's article that had the responses to the Black Student Alliance's question about how impactful Martin Luther King, Jr. was in their lives. O'Keefe says that King spoke not only for black people, but also for…

"Multicultural Center to Open"-March 31, 1989, page 3, The Occidental

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The Multicultural Center is finally having their grand opening on April 5th 1989.The article states "the center is meant to improve the overall experience for minority students who continue to be disproportionately under-represented in the total…

"U.S. Blacks Make Legitimate Commands"-January 29, 1988, page 3, The Occidental

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This is a response to a prior article in which another student, George O'Keefe, expressed some resentment towards black students who seem to segregate themselves and not integrate into the white community. Moore counters this argument by suggesting…