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Minority Scholarships: Where Has All the Money Gone?

Oxy Weekly 1971-Feb-2.jpg
Addresses Oxy's reputation as a multicultural institution and 2 assumptions held by the campus.
1) "Some people argue against increased non-white enrollment at this school because they say it would mean a lowering of the intellectual quality of the…

Affirmative Action Guidelines Announced

Oxy Weekly 1975-Nov 6.jpg
This article discusses the guidelines for President Richard Gilman's statement on "Affirmative/Equal Employment Opportunity Search Procedures," which the Board of Trustees had expressed support for. These search procedures were established following…

Faculty Meeting April 2005

Fac Meeting 2005 JPEG.jpeg
This is a compilation of a transcribed email of an email to Staff, Faculty, and Administrators about the April 2005 Faculty Meeting, and a segment of the Meeting Minutes (dealing with student concerns) that the email references.

Occidental given $275,000 for minority scholarships

Oxy Weekly 1964-Apr 17.jpg
President Arthur G. Coons won the Rockefeller Foundation grant to "encourage the enrollment of talented Negro and other minority students and to improve their undergraduate education". The money was to be distributed in the following way: $240,000…

"SCEME: Students Committed to Enriching a Multicultural Environment circulate petition"- February 18, 2000, page 1-2, The Occidental

SCEME collected over 400 signatures expressing concern over Occidental's commitment to multiculturalism. Student were unsatisfied with administration's response.

Interview with Angel Cervantes

This is the full-length interview with Oxy alumnus Angel Cervantes, who graduated with the class of 1994. During his time at Occidental College he quickly discovered his natural ability to lead and inspire others, and eventually became the president…

"What are the merits or drawbacks of Mumia speaking at graduation?"- April 20, 2001, page 2, Occidental Weekly

Summarizes debate on campus revolving around student's push for recently convicted Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak at 2001 graduation.

"The Myth of Time"- April 20, 2001, page 8-9, Occidental Weekly

Recalls Dr. Martin Luther King's visit to Occidental in 1967 and the multicultural goals the college set for itself. Questions if Occidental has met the challenge adequately.

“Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Sep 16.jpg
This letter to the editor suggests that the Oxy community focuses too much on multiculturalism. He suggests that focusing on difference is causing self segregation due to commonalities, comfort-ability, and safety. He thinks that if Oxy members were…

“Blackness Week” 2007, page 32-33, La Encina Oxy Yearbook

A segment from the 2007 Oxy yearbook La Encina focused on detailing “Blackness Week,” which was a compilation of events organized by students, most specifically Occidental college’s Black Student Alliance (BSA). The two pages contian a number of…