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Letter to President John Slaughter from Gregory B White on June 11, 1990

Dr Gregory B White, a professor of Mathematics sent a letter to President John Slaughter describing how the faculty use the words diversity and multiculturalism interchangeably. Diversity is a state of being that describes who we are and what we do.…

Letter from Gregory B. White (Assistant Professor of Mathematics) to President Slaughter, 1990-06-11, John B Slaughter Presidential Files

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White wants to discuss direction of the College in regard to multiculturalism; he reports that some faculty are frustrated that debate in faculty meetings which hasn't resulted in an understanding of the differences between multiculturalism and…

Letter from Andrew Rolle to Vince Peterson in President John B. Slaughter's Files dated December 31, 1990

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This letter is from a recent graduate who calls multiculturalism "overdone" and doesn't believe it will be a good "selling point" for the college. He fails to see diversity as an issue at all, and insists that he doesn't understand why Oxy jumped…

Jesús Salvador Treviño -- Full Interview

Jesús Salvador Treviño (Class of 1968) talks about his time at Occidental College in relation to diversity and equity during the late 1960s. In particular he speaks on student organizing, transforming his identity and racial consciousness, and campus…

Interview with Professor Reddy - Faculty Challenges

In this interview excerpt, Professor Movindri Reddy discusses the challenges she has faced as a faculty member of color.

Interview with Angel Cervantes Excerpt

This is an excerpt from Angel Cervantes' full-length interview in which he discusses the importance of the Multicultural Hall at Oxy. He also speaks about the school's commitment to not just diversity, but multiculturalism as well, which was…

Interview with Angel Cervantes

This is the full-length interview with Oxy alumnus Angel Cervantes, who graduated with the class of 1994. During his time at Occidental College he quickly discovered his natural ability to lead and inspire others, and eventually became the president…

Faculty Meeting Minutes, July 30, 1990, pages 3-6

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Faculty discussed the working themes of multicultural commitments and affirmative action. The Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues report was the basis of the discussion. Working definitions of who is a minority student, and even "affirmative action"…

Faculty Meeting April 2005

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This is a compilation of a transcribed email of an email to Staff, Faculty, and Administrators about the April 2005 Faculty Meeting, and a segment of the Meeting Minutes (dealing with student concerns) that the email references.