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Professor Matsuoka Interview (excerpt)

Professor Matsuoka shares her experience as a student in the 1980s with the cultural theme housing at Oxy and how important they were to many of the students of color on campus. She also shares the story of earning her first A on a paper on a topic…

Professor Matsuoka Interview (excerpt)

Professor Matsuoka entered Oxy the same year as President Obama. In this excerpt she shares her experiences as an Oxy student in the early 1980s from the culture shock as a first year to the student activism surrounding apartheid in South Africa and…

Letter from Gregory B. White (Assistant Professor of Mathematics) to President Slaughter, 1990-06-11, John B Slaughter Presidential Files

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White wants to discuss direction of the College in regard to multiculturalism; he reports that some faculty are frustrated that debate in faculty meetings which hasn't resulted in an understanding of the differences between multiculturalism and…

Letter to President John Slaughter from Gregory B White on June 11, 1990

Dr Gregory B White, a professor of Mathematics sent a letter to President John Slaughter describing how the faculty use the words diversity and multiculturalism interchangeably. Diversity is a state of being that describes who we are and what we do.…

Student Demonstrators Stage Sit-In

Oxy Weekly 1996-Apr 19-p1.jpg
A hundred and fifty students participate in a march and sit in demanding Chairman of the Board of Trustees Peter Mullin to sign a document agreeing to the demands of the students. Students organized under the idea of Empowerment Through…

"Insuring Equity at Occidental"

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The resident adviser of Oxy's multicultural hall accuses Oxy of abandoning its “excellence in equity” mission when administrators consider abandoning current union workers and hiring a non-union cleaning service.

C.O.D.E. Demands Increased Diversity

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This article was one of the first articles about the Coalition at Occidental For Diversity and Equity. C.O.D.E follows in the footsteps of previous organizations on campus with the goal of increasing the campus diversity and ensuring that Occidental…

Letter from Andrew Rolle to Vince Peterson in President John B. Slaughter's Files dated December 31, 1990

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This letter is from a recent graduate who calls multiculturalism "overdone" and doesn't believe it will be a good "selling point" for the college. He fails to see diversity as an issue at all, and insists that he doesn't understand why Oxy jumped…

Mainstream Multiculturalism

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This article comments on the presence and misunderstandings of mainstream multiculturalism at Oxy and beyond.

"SCEME: Students Committed to Enriching a Multicultural Environment circulate petition"- February 18, 2000, page 1-2, The Occidental

SCEME collected over 400 signatures expressing concern over Occidental's commitment to multiculturalism. Student were unsatisfied with administration's response.