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“Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Sep 16.jpg
This letter to the editor suggests that the Oxy community focuses too much on multiculturalism. He suggests that focusing on difference is causing self segregation due to commonalities, comfort-ability, and safety. He thinks that if Oxy members were…

"Asian Alliance"- Spring 1990, page 152, La Encina

This is an excerpt from Occidental College's La Encina dating back to 1990. The page depicts a picture of the Asian Alliance cultural club and pictures of the demonstration that occurred to protest against Florentine Gardens, the nightclub that…

"Boesak and Tutu Visit Oxy"- Spring 1990, page 48, La Encina

Two pages of the La Encina have been dedicated to Reverend Alan Boesak and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, two leaders in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Alan Boesak spoke in Thorne Hall and Desmond Tutu delivered a speak in the Greek Bowl.…

"What are the merits or drawbacks of Mumia speaking at graduation?"- April 20, 2001, page 2, Occidental Weekly

Summarizes debate on campus revolving around student's push for recently convicted Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak at 2001 graduation.

Affirmative Action Guidelines Announced

Oxy Weekly 1975-Nov 6.jpg
This article discusses the guidelines for President Richard Gilman's statement on "Affirmative/Equal Employment Opportunity Search Procedures," which the Board of Trustees had expressed support for. These search procedures were established following…

Faculty Meeting April 2005

Fac Meeting 2005 JPEG.jpeg
This is a compilation of a transcribed email of an email to Staff, Faculty, and Administrators about the April 2005 Faculty Meeting, and a segment of the Meeting Minutes (dealing with student concerns) that the email references.

“‘People Would Die’, To have Oxy’s Diversity, Says Gonzalez,” September 22, 2010, page 10, The Occidental Weekly.

Gonzales %22people would die%22.jpg
Short news piece that is an interview with the then and current Dean of the College, Jorge Gonzalez. The article contrasts Gonzalez’s opinions of the schools standing and relationship to diversity, with students perspectives responding to the Dean’s…

Minority Scholarships: Where Has All the Money Gone?

Oxy Weekly 1971-Feb-2.jpg
Addresses Oxy's reputation as a multicultural institution and 2 assumptions held by the campus.
1) "Some people argue against increased non-white enrollment at this school because they say it would mean a lowering of the intellectual quality of the…

"Multicultural Living Options" Student Handbook 1984-1985, page 37

The handbook provides a description of the multicultural living options available on campus for students. Students can live in themed off campus houses and in themed areas in Haines.