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"Multi-Cultural Center," 1989-1990, page 26, Student Handbook

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"The Multi- Cultural Center provides support and programming space for Asian, Black, International, and Latino students. The Center also reaches out to the larger campus community by providing programs which will enhance our understanding and…

"Paoletti Responds to Bell-Young Outrage", Letter to the Editor, The Occidental, 1989-01-20

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Paoletti remarks on the passionate responses to his first letter regarding the Multicultural Dorm. He makes the rebuttal that he is not "a racist" by opposing the implementation of the Multicultural Dorm. Paoletti makes the distinction between the…

"Multicultural Center to Open"-March 31, 1989, page 3, The Occidental

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The Multicultural Center is finally having their grand opening on April 5th 1989.The article states "the center is meant to improve the overall experience for minority students who continue to be disproportionately under-represented in the total…

"Multicultural Center Receives Approval"- September 23, 1988, pages 1 and 7, The Occidental

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The article details how the Multicultural Center was approved by the Central Administrative Committee. After this was created, Oxy decided this was going to be the place for all of the cultural clubs to have their affairs, rather than having each…