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"Multicultural Institue bridges high school/ college gap" - September 18, 1987, page 4, The Occidental

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This is a first hand account article about the first MSI (Multicultural Summer Institute). The student describes her personal experience with the program and details the negatives and positives of the program itself.

“Multicultural Summer Institute” Report, January 5, 1986, pages 1-6, Faculty Meeting Minutes

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A report, entitled "Multicultural Summer Institute", details the purpose and features of the program, which is a summer program designed with "special concern" for underrepresented students. Notable features include a faculty team-taught curriculum…


Faculty meeting Minutes, January 21, 1987, page 2

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The minutes outline the discussion around The Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues of April 1983, those present discussed the bridge program, one of its recommendations. Progress was made in 1986, when the first faculty meeting announced…

Faculty Meeting Minutes, January 21, 1987, pages 17-19

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Describes a plan to help minority students adjust to life at Oxy more seamlessly. Suggests assigning minority students personal advisors who would monitor them weekly to analyze their study habits and review their work. Makes a note that many…