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Occidental still 'need aware' despite rumors

Oxy Weekly 2012-Oct 24.jpg
Although many have claimed that Occidental has accepted students on a "need-blind" basis, this article from 2012 points out that this is not the case.

Occidental has a very small endowment when compared to other schools. As the college has become…

Strongest Minority Representation in Oxy History Due to Little-Publicized Committee

Oxy Weekly 1965-Sep 24.jpg
The Minority Admissions Committee formed two years ago recruited 24 of 28 minority students. The committee was formed with the idea of diversifying the occidental student body. Occidental gave special attention to recruiting minority students. The…

Interview with Professor Reddy - Socioeconomic Diversity

Professor Reddy noted one of the biggest differences occurring over the last ten years has been in the socio-economic diversity of the incoming student body. She points out that there has been a much larger percentage of students paying full…

Interview with Professor Freer - Funding Diversity

In this excerpt, Professor Freer discusses the difference between "soft" and "hard" money that was used to support diversity efforts. She notes that when money from the Irvine Grant ran out, the commitment to diversity waned.  For more information…

Interview with Professor Freer - Changing Commitments

In this clip, Professor Regina Freer describes how, as the student body has grown, absolute numbers of students have increased. With this increase came a similar increase in the number of students of color, but not an increase in the percentage. She…

Interview with Professor Freer - Opportunity Lost

In this clip, Professor Regina Freer describes the opportunity lost after the momentum built through the movements taking place in 2005.

Occidental given $275,000 for minority scholarships

Oxy Weekly 1964-Apr 17.jpg
President Arthur G. Coons won the Rockefeller Foundation grant to "encourage the enrollment of talented Negro and other minority students and to improve their undergraduate education". The money was to be distributed in the following way: $240,000…

"Insuring Equity at Occidental"

Oxy Weekly 1995-Feb 10.jpg
The resident adviser of Oxy's multicultural hall accuses Oxy of abandoning its “excellence in equity” mission when administrators consider abandoning current union workers and hiring a non-union cleaning service.

Students Discuss Affirmative Action Plan

Oxy Weekly 1995-Sep 22.jpg
This article comments on the college's actions around affirmative action. The article focuses on the student response along with a few alumni who express their disapproval of the college's decision to Students and a few alumni discussed their…

Student Demonstrators Stage Sit-In

Oxy Weekly 1996-Apr 19-p1.jpg
A hundred and fifty students participate in a march and sit in demanding Chairman of the Board of Trustees Peter Mullin to sign a document agreeing to the demands of the students. Students organized under the idea of Empowerment Through…