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“Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Sep 16.jpg
This letter to the editor suggests that the Oxy community focuses too much on multiculturalism. He suggests that focusing on difference is causing self segregation due to commonalities, comfort-ability, and safety. He thinks that if Oxy members were…

“New Training Aims to Sensitize Faculty”

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Because minority faculty, staff, and students felt underrepresented and misunderstood in the Oxy community, a workshop was organized for faculty to sensitize them in “issues of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, and different physical abilities”.…

"Has Multiculturualism been Slaughtered by Trustee Agenda?"- September 4, 1998 The Occidental Vol. CXII, No. 1

Oxy Weekly 1998-Sep 4.jpg
The article discusses multiculturalism after 11 years of President Slaughter's tenure. It is certain that Slaughter made an impact on the school in terms of multi-cultural education, but the question of the article is whether or not this rhetoric is…

Alum Blames Minority Enrollment for Declining Ranking

Oxy Weekly 1995-April 14.jpg
This articles comments on a letter sent by an Oxy alum that argues that President Slaughter’s commitment to multiculturalism is sending the college in a downward spiral. The alum addresses budget issues, white flight, and lowering academic standards…

Affirmative Action Guidelines Announced

Oxy Weekly 1975-Nov 6.jpg
This article discusses the guidelines for President Richard Gilman's statement on "Affirmative/Equal Employment Opportunity Search Procedures," which the Board of Trustees had expressed support for. These search procedures were established following…

Black Arts Festival Underway

Oxy Weekly 1969-April-29 (1).jpg
This article is about Black Arts Week at Occidental college in 1969. The program came about largely as a result of efforts of a group of students both black and white and a few faculty members who wanted to give recognition and pay tribute to blacks.…

"Voices of Occidental: Straight from the Tigers' Jaw - Students and Faculty Speak Out About Diversity on Campus" - November 22, 2011, page 6-7, Occidental Weekly

Diversity Feature.jpg
One of The Weekly's Features from 2011, this two page spread includes thoughts from various students, faculty members, and staff.

Faculty Meeting April 2005

Fac Meeting 2005 JPEG.jpeg
This is a compilation of a transcribed email of an email to Staff, Faculty, and Administrators about the April 2005 Faculty Meeting, and a segment of the Meeting Minutes (dealing with student concerns) that the email references.

"Students Fight for Diversity"- The Occidental, December 3rd, 1999 Vol. 113, No. 12

Oxy Weekly 1999-Dec 3.jpg
The article describes efforts from a student lead coalition dedicated towards insuring diversity here at the college.The purpose of the group is to hold the college to its pledge of equity and excellence according to the author. The group was called…