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Report on “Student College Experiences,” November 5, 1984, Richard C. Gilman President's Files

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This report finds that Occidental College students "have pronounced tendency to make fewer acquaintances with students who are different from them (i.e., from a different country, socio-economic class or race). This may be indicative of an…

“A letter to the director of YBS from President Slaughter,” January 4, 1991, John Brooks Slaughter Presidential Files

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Outlines the president's committment to YBS by providing $1000 scholarships for those involved with YBS and also enrolled at Oxy but also extending counseling services from Financial Aid to those who are thinking of coming to Oxy.

Jesús Salvador Treviño -- Full Interview

Jesús Salvador Treviño (Class of 1968) talks about his time at Occidental College in relation to diversity and equity during the late 1960s. In particular he speaks on student organizing, transforming his identity and racial consciousness, and campus…

Full Interview with Professor Martha Matsuoka

Professor Martha Matsuoka is a 1983 Oxy alum. Entering Oxy the same year as President Obama and going to school during the apartheid in South Africa as well as the United States' engagement with Latin America, the 1980s was full of events. Professor…

Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)

Professor Arthe Anthony, former chair of Occidental College's American Studies Department, discusses the campus climate through events such as the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee, Slaughter's inauguration, and on campus micro aggressions.

Professor Arthe Anthony - Full Interview

Professor Arthe Anthony, formerly the chair of the American Studies Department at Occidental College, speaks about her personal experiences at the college dealing with racism and how she fought back to promote diversity and equity on campus.

Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)

Professor Arthe Anthony discusses her experience in creating and organizing the Ad Hoc Committee, which fought for more diversity in Occidental College's faculty, in the 1980s.

Since 1966...

Poster from C.O.D.E. poster presenting in the quad in the Spring of 2014.

Interview with Professor Freer - Opportunity Lost

In this clip, Professor Regina Freer describes the opportunity lost after the momentum built through the movements taking place in 2005.

Interview with Professor Reddy - Recurring Frustrations

In this clip, Professor Movindri Reddy discusses the problems surrounding making progress on efforts of diversity and equity over the last 10 years. She points out that the administrative turmoil, and increase in students/adjunct faculty has resulted…