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Students Discuss Affirmative Action Plan

Oxy Weekly 1995-Sep 22.jpg
This article comments on the college's actions around affirmative action. The article focuses on the student response along with a few alumni who express their disapproval of the college's decision to Students and a few alumni discussed their…

“Students Organize High School Boycotts”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Nov 4-p1.jpg
An editorial comments on Occidental students participation in an Arco and Vons boycott Arco in protest of Prop. 187. Oxy students collaborated with Roosevelt High School and over one hundred students joined in on the boycott.

“ATO Members Sue Occidental”

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After a new sexual harassment complaint was filed against the Alpha Tao Omega fraternity, seven of its members filed a civil lawsuit against Occidental College, President John Slaughter, the board of trustees, and over twenty individuals of the Oxy…

“Hate Graffiti Angers Students”

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According to the article, “swastikas, racial slurs and other offensive graffiti were found on students’ doors, walls and in a stairwell in Haines residence hall”. Two Jewish students found writing on their own door and were saddened by the hatred…

“Herrick Finds a Leader Outside the Clergy”

Oxy Weekly 1991-Oct 4.jpg
The title “chaplain” of the Herrick Chapel and Interfaith Center was changed to “director”. A new director was hired- Michael Kerze, “a doctor of history who specializes in communications between different religions”. This change was hoped to bridge…

“Council Rejects Racial Harassment Policy”

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Racial tensions and discrimination were high in the Spring of 1990, and students requested that the school create a policy to address racial harassment. Cathy Kramer, the Associate Dean of Students developed a proposal to present to the Central…

“Students Sit in at Dean’s Door”

Oxy Weekly 1990-Nov 16.jpg
Over 150 students sat outside of the Dean of Student’s office to protest the cancellation of Alza la Raza just three days before the event. The event would have hosted “three rappers, art displays, tables for Occidental culture clubs, and food…

“New Training Aims to Sensitize Faculty”

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Because minority faculty, staff, and students felt underrepresented and misunderstood in the Oxy community, a workshop was organized for faculty to sensitize them in “issues of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, and different physical abilities”.…

“Homophobic Incident Upsets Party”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Sep 30-p1.jpg
The article discusses an event where four off-campus men barged into the “Madonnaesque” party hosted by the Bixsexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alliance, shouting homographic remarks and threats toward Oxy students.