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Interview with Professor Reddy - Faculty Challenges

In this interview excerpt, Professor Movindri Reddy discusses the challenges she has faced as a faculty member of color.

Interview with Angel Cervantes Excerpt

This is an excerpt from Angel Cervantes' full-length interview in which he discusses the importance of the Multicultural Hall at Oxy. He also speaks about the school's commitment to not just diversity, but multiculturalism as well, which was…

"Pres. Slaughter to be inaugurated" -April 7, 1989, page 1, Oxy Weekly

John Slaughter was inaugurated as Oxy's eleventh president on April 7, 1989 in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The reception was at near Keck Theater where originally was planned to be a closed reception at $100- $125 a plate, however Slaughter…

"Forum anatomizes dorm options"- January 27, 1984, page 1, The Occidental

This article in The Occidental concerns residence hall issues. A representative for the Committee on Racial and Ethnic Affairs, Hedy Chang, brings up the idea to start a Multicultural Annex in order to "break down racial stereotypes" and allow for…

Students Discuss Affirmative Action Plan

Oxy Weekly 1995-Sep 22.jpg
This article comments on the college's actions around affirmative action. The article focuses on the student response along with a few alumni who express their disapproval of the college's decision to Students and a few alumni discussed their…

“Herrick Finds a Leader Outside the Clergy”

Oxy Weekly 1991-Oct 4.jpg
The title “chaplain” of the Herrick Chapel and Interfaith Center was changed to “director”. A new director was hired- Michael Kerze, “a doctor of history who specializes in communications between different religions”. This change was hoped to bridge…

“Coalition Formed to Support Women’s Center”

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 12.46.25 PM.png
A Women’s Center of Occidental College was created to “provide positive and tangible evidence of the College’s commitment to address gender issues in the campus community”. President Slaughter approved of the center, setting a budget of $5,000 for…

Occidental given $275,000 for minority scholarships

Oxy Weekly 1964-Apr 17.jpg
President Arthur G. Coons won the Rockefeller Foundation grant to "encourage the enrollment of talented Negro and other minority students and to improve their undergraduate education". The money was to be distributed in the following way: $240,000…

Elisha Roberts Interview Clip on the ICC

This is a clip of current student Dani Lyons '14 interviewing former student Elisha Roberts '05 on issues of diversity and equity at Occidental College.