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MECHA Reports: A Report on Discriminatory Practices at Occidental College As Submitted to the Board of Trustees

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A series of reports, as result of investigative action taken by MECHA Faculty Development Committee in behalf of the Chicano student community. Faculty Development Subcommittees asserted charges and recommendations pursuant to their findings and…

Minority Club Funding and Racial Intimidation.

Oxy Weekly 1972-Jan 20.jpg
On January 20, 1972, Guy Swenson and David Smith (not shown) counter Hall Marston’s piece, which addressed the funding received by MECHA, BSC, and the Asian Student Alliance.

Where are the Black Athletes?

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An article discussing the decreased retention of black athletes on Occidental collegiate teams. Interviews from coaches, and black students suggests that this is a result of minority relations. It was also suggested that "the Black Caucus is…