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Faculty Meeting Minutes, July 30, 1990, pages 3-6

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Faculty discussed the working themes of multicultural commitments and affirmative action. The Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues report was the basis of the discussion. Working definitions of who is a minority student, and even "affirmative action"…

"Faculty Committee: Affirmative Action" - August 29, 1985, Presidential Files

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The file describes the appointment of members to sit on search committees for new full-time faculty, "recommended that students form their own parallel committees [to the AAC] and make own report to faculty committees..." student participation in…

Faculty Meeting Minutes, May 16, 1990, pages 3-4

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Professor calls for a serious discussion of the College's goals and a definition of the goals of multiculturalism, the professor is concerned that "the members of these committees [Faculty Planning Committee and Affirmative Action Committee] will be…


Notes on a the MECHA REPORT submitted on May 10,1975:

Student Demonstrators Stage Sit-In

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A hundred and fifty students participate in a march and sit in demanding Chairman of the Board of Trustees Peter Mullin to sign a document agreeing to the demands of the students. Students organized under the idea of Empowerment Through…

Students Discuss Affirmative Action Plan

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This article comments on the college's actions around affirmative action. The article focuses on the student response along with a few alumni who express their disapproval of the college's decision to Students and a few alumni discussed their…

Occidental given $275,000 for minority scholarships

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President Arthur G. Coons won the Rockefeller Foundation grant to "encourage the enrollment of talented Negro and other minority students and to improve their undergraduate education". The money was to be distributed in the following way: $240,000…

Affirmative Action Guidelines Announced

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This article discusses the guidelines for President Richard Gilman's statement on "Affirmative/Equal Employment Opportunity Search Procedures," which the Board of Trustees had expressed support for. These search procedures were established following…