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Professor Kenjus Watson, Class of 2007- Full Interview Part I

Professor Kenjus Watson reflects on his experiences as a student activist at Occidental. He speaks on the campus climate in relation to diversity, mentioning both the role of students and administration.
Part I of II

Interview with Professor Reddy - Recurring Frustrations

In this clip, Professor Movindri Reddy discusses the problems surrounding making progress on efforts of diversity and equity over the last 10 years. She points out that the administrative turmoil, and increase in students/adjunct faculty has resulted…

"Has Multiculturualism been Slaughtered by Trustee Agenda?"- September 4, 1998 The Occidental Vol. CXII, No. 1

Oxy Weekly 1998-Sep 4.jpg
The article discusses multiculturalism after 11 years of President Slaughter's tenure. It is certain that Slaughter made an impact on the school in terms of multi-cultural education, but the question of the article is whether or not this rhetoric is…

Interview with Angel Cervantes

This is the full-length interview with Oxy alumnus Angel Cervantes, who graduated with the class of 1994. During his time at Occidental College he quickly discovered his natural ability to lead and inspire others, and eventually became the president…