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Administration and Faculty Timeline of Events

Faculty and Administration Timeline- OUBL Occupation.pdf
This item is a tracked account of the statements, and emails released by faculty and staff before, during, and after the occupation.

Occidental College Facebook post of the president's response to the end of the occupation

This item is a post on the Occidental College Facebook, and was published the Monday following the end of the occupation. It illustrates President Veitch's thoughts at the end of the protests.

Facebook post response to OUBL Demands

This post was made on the fourth day of the protest. It is a response to the demands made by students on Thursday November 12th.

Occidental College Facebook post- AGC 3rd floor occupation

This is a post from the Occidental College Facebook page, which captures the 3rd day of the occupation where students were able to occupy the President's Office suite.

Occidental College Facebook post about class relocations

This item is a picture posted on the Occidental College Facebook page that shows Professor Adelaida Lopez holding her Spanish class in the hallways of the Arthur G Coons Administration building

Occidental College Facebook post announcing occupation

This item is the first update on the sit in that was published on the college's Facebook page

Professor Kenjus Watson, Class of 2007- Full Interview Part II

Professor Kenjus Watson reflects on his experiences as a student activist at Occidental. He speaks on the campus climate in relation to diversity, mentioning both the role of students and administration.
Part II of II

Jesús Salvador Treviño -- Full Interview

Jesús Salvador Treviño (Class of 1968) talks about his time at Occidental College in relation to diversity and equity during the late 1960s. In particular he speaks on student organizing, transforming his identity and racial consciousness, and campus…

Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)

Professor Arthe Anthony, former chair of Occidental College's American Studies Department, discusses the campus climate through events such as the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee, Slaughter's inauguration, and on campus micro aggressions.

Professor Arthe Anthony - Full Interview

Professor Arthe Anthony, formerly the chair of the American Studies Department at Occidental College, speaks about her personal experiences at the college dealing with racism and how she fought back to promote diversity and equity on campus.