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Professor Matsuoka Interview (excerpt)

Professor Matsuoka entered Oxy the same year as President Obama. In this excerpt she shares her experiences as an Oxy student in the early 1980s from the culture shock as a first year to the student activism surrounding apartheid in South Africa and…

"Students Fight for Diversity"- The Occidental, December 3rd, 1999 Vol. 113, No. 12

Oxy Weekly 1999-Dec 3.jpg
The article describes efforts from a student lead coalition dedicated towards insuring diversity here at the college.The purpose of the group is to hold the college to its pledge of equity and excellence according to the author. The group was called…

"Boesak and Tutu Visit Oxy"- Spring 1990, page 48, La Encina

Two pages of the La Encina have been dedicated to Reverend Alan Boesak and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, two leaders in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Alan Boesak spoke in Thorne Hall and Desmond Tutu delivered a speak in the Greek Bowl.…

Student Demonstrators Stage Sit-In

Oxy Weekly 1996-Apr 19-p1.jpg
A hundred and fifty students participate in a march and sit in demanding Chairman of the Board of Trustees Peter Mullin to sign a document agreeing to the demands of the students. Students organized under the idea of Empowerment Through…

"Asian Alliance"- Spring 1990, page 152, La Encina

This is an excerpt from Occidental College's La Encina dating back to 1990. The page depicts a picture of the Asian Alliance cultural club and pictures of the demonstration that occurred to protest against Florentine Gardens, the nightclub that…

“Students Organize High School Boycotts”

Oxy Weekly 1994-Nov 4-p1.jpg
An editorial comments on Occidental students participation in an Arco and Vons boycott Arco in protest of Prop. 187. Oxy students collaborated with Roosevelt High School and over one hundred students joined in on the boycott.

“Council Rejects Racial Harassment Policy”

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Racial tensions and discrimination were high in the Spring of 1990, and students requested that the school create a policy to address racial harassment. Cathy Kramer, the Associate Dean of Students developed a proposal to present to the Central…

“Students Sit in at Dean’s Door”

Oxy Weekly 1990-Nov 16.jpg
Over 150 students sat outside of the Dean of Student’s office to protest the cancellation of Alza la Raza just three days before the event. The event would have hosted “three rappers, art displays, tables for Occidental culture clubs, and food…

“Blackness Week” 2007, page 32-33, La Encina Oxy Yearbook

A segment from the 2007 Oxy yearbook La Encina focused on detailing “Blackness Week,” which was a compilation of events organized by students, most specifically Occidental college’s Black Student Alliance (BSA). The two pages contian a number of…

Interview with Angel Cervantes

This is the full-length interview with Oxy alumnus Angel Cervantes, who graduated with the class of 1994. During his time at Occidental College he quickly discovered his natural ability to lead and inspire others, and eventually became the president…