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1963-1975 Archival Work Spreadsheet

Published in an excel spreadsheet format, this document is divided by years.

Year Assignments:
1963 – 1965: Qiu
1966 – 1968: Myaisha
1969 – 1971: Somer
1972 – 1975: Chris

Includes sources from: The Occidental Weekly, Faculty Minutes, La…

"Voices of Occidental: Straight from the Tigers' Jaw - Students and Faculty Speak Out About Diversity on Campus" - November 22, 2011, page 6-7, Occidental Weekly

Diversity Feature.jpg
One of The Weekly's Features from 2011, this two page spread includes thoughts from various students, faculty members, and staff.

"Our Brother's Brother" - February 10, 1944, pg. 2, The Occidental

2014-03-29 14.15.01.jpg
This article calls for Oxy students to become more aware of the racial climate of LA, where there is a demand to have enforced living in a specific part of the city for Negro citizens.

Special Negative Issue

Oxy Weekly 1969-January-14.jpg
This issue of the Oxy Weekly was published when Don Cornwell was elected as ASOC President. Cornwell was an African American male student at the time. This "Special Negative Issue" features an all black background with Don Cornwell on the front…


Black Arts Festival Underway

Oxy Weekly 1969-April-29 (1).jpg
This article is about Black Arts Week at Occidental college in 1969. The program came about largely as a result of efforts of a group of students both black and white and a few faculty members who wanted to give recognition and pay tribute to blacks.…

Summer College Session Helps Minority Students

Oxy Weekly 1969-Oct-2 Article.jpg
This article is about Upward Bound program at Occidental. Both Oxy students and the Eagle Rock community do not support this program, and many Upward Bound face hostility while enrolled.

Our Role in UB

Oxy Weekly 1969-Oct-2.jpg
Occidental students to not provide a welcoming environment for the Upward Bound program. This article also shows the artistic work of the Upward Bound participants, detailing their personal experiences of racism. The poem, "The Odds Were Against Us"…

Minority Scholarships: Where Has All the Money Gone?

Oxy Weekly 1971-Feb-2.jpg
Addresses Oxy's reputation as a multicultural institution and 2 assumptions held by the campus.
1) "Some people argue against increased non-white enrollment at this school because they say it would mean a lowering of the intellectual quality of the…

Where are the Black Athletes?

Oxy Weekly 1973-May 4.jpg
An article discussing the decreased retention of black athletes on Occidental collegiate teams. Interviews from coaches, and black students suggests that this is a result of minority relations. It was also suggested that "the Black Caucus is…