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"Economic Strife Affects Occidental"

The article chronicles how the recent collapse of the market economy might affect the lives of students at Occidental. Questions concerning donations, financial aid and general enrollment are raised.

"Faculty banters about minority issues report- January 27, 1984, p. 11, The Occidental."

This article reports on the discussion that took place among faculty at the previous faculty meeting about the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues.

"Faculty Committee: Affirmative Action" - August 29, 1985, Presidential Files

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The file describes the appointment of members to sit on search committees for new full-time faculty, "recommended that students form their own parallel committees [to the AAC] and make own report to faculty committees..." student participation in…

"Financial blows dealt to aid recipients"-September 17, 1982, pages 1 & 7, The Occidental

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Article discusses increases in room and board and decreases in financial aid. Mr. Montaya says that he feels that minority students will be disproportionately affected. He says the incoming freshman class has less diversity this year, he believes…

"Former College Employee Files Racial Discrimination Charge" - October 8th, 1993 The Occidental No. 4

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Occidental employee claims that she was racially discriminated against during her work as a counselor for Emmons health center. Shirley Flourney who served as the assistent director of the counseling center thought her dismissal was un-fair and based…

"Forum anatomizes dorm options"- January 27, 1984, page 1, The Occidental

This article in The Occidental concerns residence hall issues. A representative for the Committee on Racial and Ethnic Affairs, Hedy Chang, brings up the idea to start a Multicultural Annex in order to "break down racial stereotypes" and allow for…

"Frame-up subverts black struggle for freedom", October 17, 1980, pg. 3, pg. 13, The Occidental

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Contributor Diana Takata writes an opinion about how there is a real ambivalence on the Oxy campus regarding the important fact of "oppression", and connects this to students' ignorance of "structural oppression." Her example of this is the unjust…

"Gilman spurns divestment"- September 25, 1981, page 5, The Occidental

This feature covered the events of 1981 convocation where President Gilman spoke about his recent trip to South Africa and his views on divesment. Gilman concluded that he thinks that divestment is incredibly undesirable and probably will not happen.…

"Graduation Inspires Critical Dialogues at Oxy"- April 27, 2001, page 17, Occidental Weekly

Student reflects on the broader discussion of race, class and power at Oxy that the issue around Mumia has brought up.

"Has Multiculturualism been Slaughtered by Trustee Agenda?"- September 4, 1998 The Occidental Vol. CXII, No. 1

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The article discusses multiculturalism after 11 years of President Slaughter's tenure. It is certain that Slaughter made an impact on the school in terms of multi-cultural education, but the question of the article is whether or not this rhetoric is…