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Multicultural Advocate Positions Open:
This was an article in the Oxy Weekly written by Angela Gunn. The date is October 14, 1988. The Multicultural Center came into existence as a result of the Ad Hoc Committee Report of 1983. Multicultural Center…

Strategy Planning Survey, Slaughter Presidential Files, 1990-05-30

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The survey asks about the strength and weaknesses of the college. This respondent said that the college's strength is its focus on multicultural community. In weaknesses, the respondent said that currently there are no mechanisms to permit…

Multicultural hall info dispersed, April 6, 1984, page 1, The Occidental

Prior to the decision of which building students were discussing "the multi-cultural area [whose] propose was to provide 'another way to bridge the gap between students from minority backgrounds and those from the majority culture.'" A location has…

Report on “Student College Experiences,” November 5, 1984, Richard C. Gilman President's Files

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This report finds that Occidental College students "have pronounced tendency to make fewer acquaintances with students who are different from them (i.e., from a different country, socio-economic class or race). This may be indicative of an…

Presentation of Amendments to Sexual Harassment Policy, April 10, 1991, page 5, Faculty Meeting Minutes

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Professor Boesche presented the amendments to the Sexual Harassment Policy which was discussed previously, and which were voted for. These amendments were informed by a group of women students in conversation with the Faculty Council. One is the…

“Multicultural Summer Institute” Report, January 5, 1986, pages 1-6, Faculty Meeting Minutes

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A report, entitled "Multicultural Summer Institute", details the purpose and features of the program, which is a summer program designed with "special concern" for underrepresented students. Notable features include a faculty team-taught curriculum…