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"Multicultural Center Receives Approval"- September 23, 1988, pages 1 and 7, The Occidental

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The article details how the Multicultural Center was approved by the Central Administrative Committee. After this was created, Oxy decided this was going to be the place for all of the cultural clubs to have their affairs, rather than having each…

"Has Multiculturualism been Slaughtered by Trustee Agenda?"- September 4, 1998 The Occidental Vol. CXII, No. 1

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The article discusses multiculturalism after 11 years of President Slaughter's tenure. It is certain that Slaughter made an impact on the school in terms of multi-cultural education, but the question of the article is whether or not this rhetoric is…

“Hate Graffiti Angers Students”

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According to the article, “swastikas, racial slurs and other offensive graffiti were found on students’ doors, walls and in a stairwell in Haines residence hall”. Two Jewish students found writing on their own door and were saddened by the hatred…

Alum Blames Minority Enrollment for Declining Ranking

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This articles comments on a letter sent by an Oxy alum that argues that President Slaughter’s commitment to multiculturalism is sending the college in a downward spiral. The alum addresses budget issues, white flight, and lowering academic standards…

"Former College Employee Files Racial Discrimination Charge" - October 8th, 1993 The Occidental No. 4

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Occidental employee claims that she was racially discriminated against during her work as a counselor for Emmons health center. Shirley Flourney who served as the assistent director of the counseling center thought her dismissal was un-fair and based…

Special Issue: The Occidental- John Brooks Slaughter: The college and The President. April 15th, 1994 Vol. CVII, No.24

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This is a special issue of the Occidental. It is a synopsis of the most important highlights of President Slaughter's first six years as president in terms of Excellence and Equity. The whole issue is packed with articles describing various goals and…

Special Negative Issue

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This issue of the Oxy Weekly was published when Don Cornwell was elected as ASOC President. Cornwell was an African American male student at the time. This "Special Negative Issue" features an all black background with Don Cornwell on the front…


Our Role in UB

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Occidental students to not provide a welcoming environment for the Upward Bound program. This article also shows the artistic work of the Upward Bound participants, detailing their personal experiences of racism. The poem, "The Odds Were Against Us"…

Summer College Session Helps Minority Students

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This article is about Upward Bound program at Occidental. Both Oxy students and the Eagle Rock community do not support this program, and many Upward Bound face hostility while enrolled.

"What are the merits or drawbacks of Mumia speaking at graduation?"- April 20, 2001, page 2, Occidental Weekly

Summarizes debate on campus revolving around student's push for recently convicted Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak at 2001 graduation.