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“Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?”

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This letter to the editor suggests that the Oxy community focuses too much on multiculturalism. He suggests that focusing on difference is causing self segregation due to commonalities, comfort-ability, and safety. He thinks that if Oxy members were…

"Blackface Senior Photo" - 1983-1984, page 58, La Encina

In the 1983-1984 La Encina Yearbook, there is a section for candid and event photos of the Senior class. Pictured in this photo (on page 58), are three senior students in blackface and dressed as Tito, Michael, and Jermaine of the Jackson 5. The…

"Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues" - May 18, 1983, Faculty Notes

In April of 1983, a report was released by the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues (and reproduced in the faculty minutes from May 18th, 1983. President Gilman appointed the committee in 1982 amid growing concerns over diversity. The Committee was…

"Asian Alliance"- Spring 1990, page 152, La Encina

This is an excerpt from Occidental College's La Encina dating back to 1990. The page depicts a picture of the Asian Alliance cultural club and pictures of the demonstration that occurred to protest against Florentine Gardens, the nightclub that…

"Boesak and Tutu Visit Oxy"- Spring 1990, page 48, La Encina

Two pages of the La Encina have been dedicated to Reverend Alan Boesak and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, two leaders in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Alan Boesak spoke in Thorne Hall and Desmond Tutu delivered a speak in the Greek Bowl.…

Summary of Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Issues Report from 1982-83

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The report summarized goals for the institution to address issues that the committee discovered in different areas of the college. It also measured diversity at Occidental in various ways.

“New Training Aims to Sensitize Faculty”

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Because minority faculty, staff, and students felt underrepresented and misunderstood in the Oxy community, a workshop was organized for faculty to sensitize them in “issues of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, and different physical abilities”.…

“Herrick Finds a Leader Outside the Clergy”

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The title “chaplain” of the Herrick Chapel and Interfaith Center was changed to “director”. A new director was hired- Michael Kerze, “a doctor of history who specializes in communications between different religions”. This change was hoped to bridge…

“Homophobic Incident Upsets Party”

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The article discusses an event where four off-campus men barged into the “Madonnaesque” party hosted by the Bixsexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alliance, shouting homographic remarks and threats toward Oxy students.