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Archival Research Spreadsheet

This is an accumulation of the research that I have conducted between the years 1990 and 1993, including information from La Encina, The Occidental, Faculty Minutes, and Student Organization Notes.

Interview with Angel Cervantes Excerpt

This is an excerpt from Angel Cervantes' full-length interview in which he discusses the importance of the Multicultural Hall at Oxy. He also speaks about the school's commitment to not just diversity, but multiculturalism as well, which was…

"Students Fight for Diversity"- The Occidental, December 3rd, 1999 Vol. 113, No. 12

Oxy Weekly 1999-Dec 3.jpg
The article describes efforts from a student lead coalition dedicated towards insuring diversity here at the college.The purpose of the group is to hold the college to its pledge of equity and excellence according to the author. The group was called…

"Has Multiculturualism been Slaughtered by Trustee Agenda?"- September 4, 1998 The Occidental Vol. CXII, No. 1

Oxy Weekly 1998-Sep 4.jpg
The article discusses multiculturalism after 11 years of President Slaughter's tenure. It is certain that Slaughter made an impact on the school in terms of multi-cultural education, but the question of the article is whether or not this rhetoric is…

Special Issue: The Occidental- John Brooks Slaughter: The college and The President. April 15th, 1994 Vol. CVII, No.24

Oxy Weekly 1994-Apr 15.jpg
This is a special issue of the Occidental. It is a synopsis of the most important highlights of President Slaughter's first six years as president in terms of Excellence and Equity. The whole issue is packed with articles describing various goals and…

"Occidental Mission Featured on TV"- December 3, 1993

oxy mission on tv .JPG
Occidental was on the nationally broadcasted television program "Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt" that explored various models of multicultural education for higher learning institutions thorughout the US.While searching for the future model of…

"Former College Employee Files Racial Discrimination Charge" - October 8th, 1993 The Occidental No. 4

former college employee).JPG
Occidental employee claims that she was racially discriminated against during her work as a counselor for Emmons health center. Shirley Flourney who served as the assistent director of the counseling center thought her dismissal was un-fair and based…

"Admissions Builds Diversity" - Fall 1993, Spet. 24th No. 2 The Occidental

Oxy Weekly 1993-Sep 24.jpg
Article describes the diverse nature of the class of 97'. The class included students from 37 states and 12 different countries besides California. Article discusses difference between rhetoric and classroom experience of diversity while…

Mainstream Multiculturalism

Oxy Weekly 1997-Feb 24.jpg
This article comments on the presence and misunderstandings of mainstream multiculturalism at Oxy and beyond.