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Interview with Professor Eric Newhall

Professor Newhall speaks about his experience at Occidental College during the 1980s.

Full Interview with Professor Martha Matsuoka

Professor Martha Matsuoka is a 1983 Oxy alum. Entering Oxy the same year as President Obama and going to school during the apartheid in South Africa as well as the United States' engagement with Latin America, the 1980s was full of events. Professor…

Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)

Professor Arthe Anthony, former chair of Occidental College's American Studies Department, discusses the campus climate through events such as the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee, Slaughter's inauguration, and on campus micro aggressions.

Professor Arthe Anthony - Full Interview

Professor Arthe Anthony, formerly the chair of the American Studies Department at Occidental College, speaks about her personal experiences at the college dealing with racism and how she fought back to promote diversity and equity on campus.

Professor David Axeen, Professor of American Studies - Full Interview

Professor Axeen shares his experiences as both a faculty member and administrator during the 1980s. He reflects on the period as one primarily of preparation. Axeen feels strongly that there was great movement and progress during the period, and that…

Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)

Professor Arthe Anthony discusses her experience in creating and organizing the Ad Hoc Committee, which fought for more diversity in Occidental College's faculty, in the 1980s.

Professor Matsuoka Interview (excerpt)

Professor Matsuoka shares her experience as a student in the 1980s with the cultural theme housing at Oxy and how important they were to many of the students of color on campus. She also shares the story of earning her first A on a paper on a topic…

Five faculty members to leave. Minority exodus creates concern

Oxy Weekly 1981-Mar 13.jpg
Of the thirteen full-time minority faculty members, five will not be returning:
Yolanda Garcia
Stephen Holeman
Michael Garcia
Henry Flores
Dr. Margarita Nieto

"One hundred percent of the reason I am leaving is because I am exhausted" said…


Oxy Weekly 1981-Feb 27.jpg
Increase in racist slurs.

Casa Hispanica paves the way for minority unity

Oxy Weekly 1981-Apr 10.jpg
Gabriela Gutierrez came up with the idea for Casa Hispanica. Judy Harper helped write the proposal.