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"Registration Figures Shows 2-5 Male Ratio"

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Lowered Navy enrollment and increase in women attending college skews gender ratio at Occidental.

"Can Girls Wear Slacks on Campus? Topic of Latest Oxy Controversy"

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The Occidental asks for students' opinions on women wearing slacks on campus. There is a generally negative response with many comments about only attractive girls being allowed to wear slacks.

"Runoffs for Sec'y VicePrexy, June 8"

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Eileen Baughman becomes first women president of the student body. Women also take vice president and secretary positions.

"Modern Dances Presented at Today's Assembly"

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The Occidental Dance Group performed "primitive" and Latin dances for school, the director did a solo number to Billy Holiday's Strange Fruit.

“Question of Negro Students At Oxy Raised At Assembly”-April 30, 1947 Issue 20 Vol. LXI, The Occidental

Oxy students prompt the institution to allow black students on campus at Inter-Group Assembly. The staff blamed students and questioned whether black students would be included in Greek and daily life at oxy.

"Our Brother's Brother" - February 10, 1944, pg. 2, The Occidental

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This article calls for Oxy students to become more aware of the racial climate of LA, where there is a demand to have enforced living in a specific part of the city for Negro citizens.

An Ear to the Ground

Under "A Nissei Letter" a Japanese-American youth describes his departure from Occidental. The author is more than willing to be relocated and expresses their gratitude "for the magnanimity and bounty of the government."