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C.O.D.E. Demands Increased Diversity

Oxy Weekly 2013-Oct 9.jpg
This article was one of the first articles about the Coalition at Occidental For Diversity and Equity. C.O.D.E follows in the footsteps of previous organizations on campus with the goal of increasing the campus diversity and ensuring that Occidental…

Occidental still 'need aware' despite rumors

Oxy Weekly 2012-Oct 24.jpg
Although many have claimed that Occidental has accepted students on a "need-blind" basis, this article from 2012 points out that this is not the case.

Occidental has a very small endowment when compared to other schools. As the college has become…

"Voices of Occidental: Straight from the Tigers' Jaw - Students and Faculty Speak Out About Diversity on Campus" - November 22, 2011, page 6-7, Occidental Weekly

Diversity Feature.jpg
One of The Weekly's Features from 2011, this two page spread includes thoughts from various students, faculty members, and staff.

“Harassment Hits Oxy Hard” October, 13, 2010, page 4, The Oxy Weekly

An article chronicling two incidents of harassment on campus leveled at student Trisha McGown based on her sexual orientation and the vandalism of a professor’s African flag at their residence. “Faggots burn in hell” was written twice on McGown's…

“‘People Would Die’, To have Oxy’s Diversity, Says Gonzalez,” September 22, 2010, page 10, The Occidental Weekly.

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Short news piece that is an interview with the then and current Dean of the College, Jorge Gonzalez. The article contrasts Gonzalez’s opinions of the schools standing and relationship to diversity, with students perspectives responding to the Dean’s…

“Blackness Week” 2007, page 32-33, La Encina Oxy Yearbook

A segment from the 2007 Oxy yearbook La Encina focused on detailing “Blackness Week,” which was a compilation of events organized by students, most specifically Occidental college’s Black Student Alliance (BSA). The two pages contian a number of…

“Women’s Center to Move to Stewie Lounge” February, 14, 2007, page 4, The Oxy Weekly

Women's Centertostewie.jpg
This article discussed the impacts of Occidental College's Master Plan on the then Women’s Center. The plan required a re-location of women’s center based on the location’s future use as an alumni center. The article described the logistics as well…

“The Departed: Staring Oxy’s Administrative and Residence Life Staff” September 19, 2007, page 8, The Oxy Weekly

Featured news piece detailing the numerous resignations of specific Oxy administrators from a variety of departments including, Office of Student Life, Institutional Advancement and Residential Life. The article chronicles these resignations between…

Elisha Roberts Interview Clip on Student Activism

This is a clip of current student Dani Lyons '14 interviewing former student Elisha Roberts '05 on issues of diversity and equity at Occidental College.

Faculty Meeting April 2005

Fac Meeting 2005 JPEG.jpeg
This is a compilation of a transcribed email of an email to Staff, Faculty, and Administrators about the April 2005 Faculty Meeting, and a segment of the Meeting Minutes (dealing with student concerns) that the email references.