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1938-1952: Before Equity and Diversity

While diversity and equity weren't actively engaged by the administration until 1957, Occidental has always been positioned within a diverse community. Issues of race, gender, and class permeate the campus even without administrative interventions. This exhibit examines how issues of diversity and equity were written about in the Occidental student newspaper between 1938 and 1952 in terms of national, gender, and racial diversity. World War II shaped the college through the draft of many college-aged men, skewing with ratio of men to women, the classes taught, and the activities enjoyed by the students. The War's legacy at Oxy was an increased racial consciousness, and an increase of women in leadership positions. The students led the charge to the administration's later support for a school which values diversity and equity, but even so the language that was used may not be what we would today assume to be advantageous for a more socially conscious college.

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