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1990-1999: The Decade of Diversity

This exhibit titled the Decade of Diversity exemplifies the college's best efforts to create a multicultural enviornment that fosters conversations about diversity and equity. The turn of the decade brought a new president and with him a new focus that attracted the nations attention in terms of the school as a national leader in multicultural education. The middle of the 90s witnessed conversations and dialogue trying to define what a multicultural education looks like in higher education. Often these conversations led to action and activism and this exhibit demonstrates a portion of those students work. The end of the 90's demonstrated more activism and campus wide conversations on whether or not the administration was upholding their promise on diversity as well as the end of Slaughter's presidency. This exhibit is called The Decade of Diversity because it exhibits the school when the forefront of the schools academic, social, and public conversations were about multiculturlalism and diversity.  

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2000-2014: Constant Conversations

From 2000-2014, there was constant conversation and repeated rhetoric on diversity at Occidental. However, these conversations resulted in little administrative change-- especially as the campus shifted away from tangible commitment to the “Excellence and Equity” model. Throughout this time period, student activism came in waves. Some activism around diversity was successful, but students and faculty from 2000 to 2014 continually expressed frustration with the same issues surfacing year after year.

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