Steps Forward

“New Training Aims to Sensitize Faculty”

"In their 1990 report, the WASC team said that the 'administration must create a structure of support which allows and encourages faculty to develop multicultural perspectives appropriate to their courses and disciplines'" 

Although on paper Oxy was considered to be diverse, the school had to recognize the cultural differences that students and faculty grew up with to make a multiculturally accepting environment. Multiple mutliculturalism workshops were held for both students and staff, with the goal of raising awareness and sensitivity. Faculty were expected to understand that students may think, write, and speak differently, and should be supportive and invoke curiosity and openmindedness in the classroom. This demonstrates that a shift in thought and understanding of diversity was necessary to create a tangible change, and this must be done both in the classroom and in workshops. Open discussion was vital in moving forward.

"Students Fight for Diversity"- <em>The Occidental,</em> December 3rd, 1999 Vol. 113, No. 12

This aticle demonstrates another resitence movement during the deade in terms of the college upholding its promise to diversity. The aticle describes an open mike event students at oxy held to call out the administration for not upholding a multicultural education in their opinion. Alot of the fuel behind this activism was the relatively small pool of diverse students in the incoming class of 99'. The students active witnessed the decline in diversity from their freshman year to their senior year and it demonstrates the decline of diversty in the decade as a whole. 


“Students Organize High School Boycotts”

An editorial comments on Occidental students participation in an Arco and Vons boycott Arco in protest of Prop. 187. Oxy students collaborated with Roosevelt High School and over one hundred students joined in on the boycott. This public demonstration was organized primarily by a few Oxy students, but the boycott helped create a space where students can voice their concerns on and off campus.

Students Discuss Affirmative Action Plan

This article comments on the college's actions around affirmative action. The article focuses on the student response along with a few alumni who express their disapproval of the college's actions around affirmative action. The article then examines on and off campus initiatives that aim to build more support for underrepresented college students.

Student Demonstrators Stage Sit-In

A hundred and fifty students participated in a march and sit in demanding Chairman of the Board of Trustees Peter Mullin to sign a document agreeing to the demands of the students. Students organized under the idea of Empowerment Through Multiculturalism (EMT). Their demands were centered around three main issues: the declining enrollement, recruitment, and matriculation of students of color.