1990-1999: Selected Items


This collection is a compilation of articles and stories found in The Occidental (Occidental College's newspaper) during the years 1990 to 1999. While focusing primarily on the development of multiculturalism and diversity, we have also archived significant events that occurred on campus in order to accurately portray the environment of this time period. In addition, we have included three interviews with persons directly involved in the multiculturalism movement at Occidental during the 1990's.


  • Kristie Borg
  • Kenji Hammon
  • Alex LaRosa

Collection Items

This is an accumulation of the research that I have conducted between the years 1990 and 1993, including information from La Encina, The Occidental, Faculty Minutes, and Student Organization Notes.

This is an excerpt from Angel Cervantes' full-length interview in which he discusses the importance of the Multicultural Hall at Oxy. He also speaks about the school's commitment to not just diversity, but multiculturalism as well, which was…

"Students Fight for Diversity"- <em>The Occidental,</em> December 3rd, 1999 Vol. 113, No. 12
The article describes efforts from a student lead coalition dedicated towards insuring diversity here at the college.The purpose of the group is to hold the college to its pledge of equity and excellence according to the author. The group was called…
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