1980-1989: Selected Items


From Anti-Apartheid Activism to welcoming the first African-American President of Occidental College, the 1980s at Occidental College was a time of dramatic change in diversity. Many conversations occurred around the question of diversity, and this collection represents the complex discourse present during this time of transformation. Essentially the 80s was a time of incredible preparation and change leading up to the activism of the 1990s.


  • Mika Cribbs
  • Cecilia Miranda
  • Nancy Nguyen
  • Oby Okpalanma

Collection Items

Interview with Professor Eric Newhall
Professor Newhall speaks about his experience at Occidental College during the 1980s.

Full Interview with Professor Martha Matsuoka
Professor Martha Matsuoka is a 1983 Oxy alum. Entering Oxy the same year as President Obama and going to school during the apartheid in South Africa as well as the United States' engagement with Latin America, the 1980s was full of events. Professor…

Professor Arthe Anthony Interview (excerpt)
Professor Arthe Anthony, former chair of Occidental College's American Studies Department, discusses the campus climate through events such as the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee, Slaughter's inauguration, and on campus micro aggressions.
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