1963-1975: Selected Items


  • Qiu Meng Fogarty
  • Myaisha Hayes
  • Somer Greene
  • Chris Hino

Collection Items

Strongest Minority Representation in Oxy History Due to Little-Publicized Committee
The Minority Admissions Committee formed two years ago recruited 24 of 28 minority students. The committee was formed with the idea of diversifying the occidental student body. Occidental gave special attention to recruiting minority students. The…

Martin Luther King Jr. Comes to Oxy
This item is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. at Occidental in 1967. He came to give his convocation speech, "The Future of Integration". In his speech, he speaks about the great strides that have been made that bring the nation close to justice.…

Student-Faculty Discussion on Vietnam War
Occidental's special Action Committee organizes the first major forum to debate the United States involvement with the Vietnam War. The forum was organized into three debates over 6 days to allow maximum space for students and faculty to…
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