1939-1952: Selected Items


This collection contains some of the earliest mentions of diversity at Oxy, and is largely comprised of articles from the Occidental, before it was the Oxy Weekly. The goal of this collection is to show how issues of diversity were talked about before Diversity and Equity were a part of the college's mission statement.


  • Madeleine Ziomek
  • Caroline Szweda
  • Douglas Pentland
  • Maggie Caneng

Collection Items

"Registration Figures Shows 2-5 Male Ratio"
Lowered Navy enrollment and increase in women attending college skews gender ratio at Occidental.

"Can Girls Wear Slacks on Campus? Topic of Latest Oxy Controversy"
The Occidental asks for students' opinions on women wearing slacks on campus. There is a generally negative response with many comments about only attractive girls being allowed to wear slacks.

"Runoffs for Sec'y VicePrexy, June 8"
Eileen Baughman becomes first women president of the student body. Women also take vice president and secretary positions.
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